Want More Donors? Focus on Data Analysis

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© namilurihas - Fotolia.comThis week published an article that focused on a recent study that looks at an aspect fundraising that many people don’t pay much attention to. According to the article:

Abila's "Donor Engagement Study—Aligning Nonprofit Strategy with Donor Preferences" report looks at how donors actually engage with organizations versus how nonprofits think donors engage with them. It also compares the attitudes, values, and practices of donors and the nonprofit community to ascertain where they align and where differences and gaps emerge.

The article summarizes the key findings and among them are that most fundraisers aren’t aware of the optimal frequency to reach donors. Another aspect is that, age plays a big role in how people donate, and often development strategies don’t segment donor asks based on age.

The article ends on an optimistic note, but cautions that most fundraisers are missing some important opportunities by ignoring a few critical data points.

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Anxious About Doing Video For The First Time? Here's 10 Mistakes To Avoid

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© gertrudda - Fotolia.comRecently, YouTube marked their 10-year anniversary in operation, and many bloggers wrote about the profound changes it has had on the internet and on the broader entertainment world.

One change, that should matter to you, is that marketers everywhere realize adding video as a component of their marketing program is no longer “cool.” It’s simply now a requirement. Many have found out the hard way that while we may be able to write, and/or create reasonably good static images, most of us are not trained to make videos.

Creating truly compelling videos is hard and often requires trained help. This article in Nonprofit Quarterly describes 10 of the most obvious mistakes that nonprofit organizations make when they are beginning to use video. If you are anxious about creating a video for your organization, this is a great place to start. It won’t make your video project any easier, but I’ll bet your results are going to be better.

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Is Your Organization’s Brand Credible? How to Be Certain It Is

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© DOC RABE Media - Fotolia.comDo you think your organization’s brand is credible? If you’re in marketing, this is one of the most important things to pay attention to. And if you’re raising money, it matters even more. You can’t raise money if what your organization stands for (your brand) is not credible.

This article is based on an insightful blog post by Colleen Dilenschneider, which breaks down exactly how you can tell whether or not your brand is credible. Dilenschneider introduces the “Four Rs of Brand Credibility.”

Her argument starts with this powerful statement:

We live in a world in which the market — and especially potential donors and supporters — make decisions based on their own perceptions of how an organization achieves its mission. Studies reveal that demonstrating impact is a key driver of giving decisions.

For mission-based non-profits, this may be more straightforward than in the arts. If you’re focused on health care, nature, animals, or disaster relief, your job is to make sure the community of people who care about your work knows about it. And if it does, and you’re doing a great job of fulfilling your mission, that should lead to the community’s support.

In the arts it’s a bit harder to connect the dots because, as a marketer, you’ve got two masters to serve. (click to read more...)

Why Intense Segmentation Leads to Awesome Results

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© aydemori - Fotolia.comToday's guest blog post is written by Karla Smagorinsky, Associate Product Manager here at Patron Technology.

For arts organizations, connecting with your customer base through email marketing is key to growing your business — no surprises there. These days, it’s all about market segmentation and highly directed email campaigns to reach the most specific sector of your customers and elicit a response. But the process of actually defining your metrics is often overlooked. How do you make sure that you are targeting the patrons that you want to connect with?

The simple act of defining your terms can bolster your marketing efforts. Although this probably seems elementary, you might be surprised how frequently this vital step is skipped.

Imagine for a moment that you’re a marketing director at an arts organization who would like to extend a discount code to your most loyal patrons for next season, demonstrating your organization’s gratitude for their continued support. First, you need to figure out how to structure a report of your most loyal customers to whom you’d like to send this code. Defining “loyalty” to mean “those patrons who have purchased the most tickets in the past five years,” you quickly run a report showing a list of patrons who have purchased 15 or more tickets in the past five years, and you send out the code to those patrons. Great!

But is this all the analysis you need to do? (click to read more...)

CRM ROI - Six Letters That Could Change Your World

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© Maksim Kabakou - Fotolia.comI think this blog from SocialFish may possibly be the most valuable article about CRM I've read this year. The thesis is that an investment in CRM should pay off, like anything else, and the article explains exactly how you measure that. I wish more organizations would do this, instead of simply focusing on features, and features, and features.

If you’re really looking to move your organization forward, a CRM decision can pay off in significant ways — but only if you know how to measure. Start here!

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Can’t Breathe? Get A Non-Profit Employee Champion!

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© lpstudio - Fotolia.comAre you a marketing department of one, doing the job of three?

Here’s a case study, written about on Beth's Blog, about how to create an employee champion program. This really means getting help from others — by gently twisting some arms, and expanding the capacity of your department. And by doing so, you’ll both get some breathing room and engage others from your organization who may just want to help, if you only ask!

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