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Email Marketing

© taniho - By now I hope you’re not tired of my endless quest to share all of the best tools and techniques for email marketing. Here’s yet another article, titled “Five Reasons Why Email Marketing Fails,” which should get your attention!

Spoiler alert: Tip number 3 is my favorite — you invested in email creation, but not in list growth.

Email marketing is so important you can’t afford to make obvious mistakes, so I hope you invest a few minutes here.

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Content Marketing Tips


© bakhtiarzein - In the past few years the concept of “content marketing” has emerged as a very sophisticated science with some terrific rules of the road. If you’re not doing content marketing already I’d be a little surprised, since arts organizations have lots of content to talk about all the time. We’ve got interviews with directors, artists, musicians, set designers, and the like.

Having said that, here’s a great article from one of the leaders in content marketing, HubSpot, that may stretch your imagination in terms of the kind of content marketing you can do.

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City Ballet Amps Up Video

Social Media

© artestudio8 - For a long time I’ve been a huge advocate of organizations creating their own in-house videos that highlight a production or an artist, or even a staff member who works backstage. Videos, and similar forms of storytelling, are a compelling way of getting people to feel like they have a relationship with your organization—sometimes more than they get in the few hours they are actually with you in your venue.

The New York City Ballet has taken this to a new level in a series of videos that are produced as part of an apparent relationship with AOL. Granted this is a high quality production and it’s extremely compelling, but to me this should serve as a guidepost for what your organization could do on your own.

Here’s what we know: There are a ton of talented young and hungry video folks out there looking for great opportunities to develop their craft and build a reputation. Hope this video inspires you.

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Mobile Artists

Current Affairs

© Delphotostock - We all know that the smartphone is changing the way nearly everyone interacts with each other, buys things, and gets information. But what about how we make art? It seems clear to me that a new generation of mobile artists is about emerge, and this article from the Guardian in the UK is on it.

Whether the technology is augmented reality (as Adam Weinart wrote about last week) or an Oculus Rift, or Google glass, it really doesn’t matter. The exciting thing will be to sit back and watch what happens. Though some may hate the idea, I can easily imagine a 3-D virtual visit to an art museum. And no, I don’t think it will spell the end of musuems. I think it will only enhance the experience of the real thing.

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Want Patrons To Remember? Tell A Story

Smart Idea!

© didesign - From the Moth to Serial, storytelling is the “it” method of communication today. And for good reason. According to this article in Fast Company, “Numerous studies over the years have proven that our brains are far more engaged by storytelling than the cold, hard facts.”

Come to think of it, isn’t that what the most memorable television commercials are? Short stories that get you to remember something?

Well, think about your marketing. Is your marketing message simply the name of the show, a pithy quote, a picture of the (choose one) leading man, soloist, prima ballerina, and a call to action, “buy tickets today.” If so, perhaps you might tell a story instead. How did you choose the show? What is the backstory on rehearsals?

Next time you sit down to write some marketing copy, try telling a story.

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Loyalty’s the Thing, and CRM Is the Medium


© fontriel - One way audience loyalty is measured in our field is in repeat donations, memberships, and subscriptions. When I’m talking with executive directors, the first thing I generally ask is what are their goals this year for subscriptions or memberships, and what is their goal for individual giving. This is really code for, “Tell me how much the people who like your organization really like your organization.”

Can you rattle off these data points in your sleep? Are they on your wall? If not, consider making these the most important numbers you live with. Let me try to convince you why.

Let’s start with Sunjay Nath, a professional motivational speaker. (Full disclosure: I love motivational speakers, and anytime I can go hear one, I do.) Sunjay is the author of The 10-80-10 Principle and was the keynote speaker at the recent INTIX conference in Denver.

His philosophy for how groups can have more success, summed up in the title of his book, is that any set of people you are working with — whether that’s your staff, your family, a baseball team, or the PTA — can be divided into three buckets: the top 10%, the bottom 10%, and the middle 80%. He argues (pretty convincingly) that we all fall into a common trap, which is that we are determined to “fix” the bottom 10% and we devote a lot of energy to it because we figure the middle 80% are just humming along and the top 10% don’t need our help at all.

This framework can probably be applied to your staff. Do you feel like you spend a lot of time helping the people who are struggling, trying to get them to a better place in the hopes that the whole organization will improve? (click to read more...)

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