"PatronManager CRM completely levels the playing field for small and mid size theaters, and even surpasses the big boys in many ways. It really has changed our organization. It allows us to function cohesively as a small staff, connect with our patrons in more meaningful ways, analyze sales trends in real time, and track contributed income in new ways, all with some pretty powerful reporting tools built in. I know it's cliché, but PatronManager CRM is definitely a game-changer."
— Danny Feldman, LAByrinth Theater Company

"PatronManager has been a real quantum leap for us as an organization. What it has enabled us to do is to get all [of our data] in one place, so that we can look at all of it together, we can compare it, we can contrast it, and we can understand our patrons better."
— David Mutton, The Moth

"For the first time we're able to have all of our contacts, our donors, our patrons, our ticketing, our email blasts, even our contracts... in one place where everyone on the staff can access it."
— Ed Fiscella, Mainstage Center for the Arts

"PatronManager has really changed our business model. We continue to be amazed at what is possible, and how we have been able to make our business operations more convenient both to staff and our patrons."
— Adrien Finlay, Alexandria Symphony Orchestra

“We chose PatronManager after a multi-year search because we found it to be the most forward-thinking and cutting-edge integrated data solution available for the arts today. Because Patron Technology built PatronManager on the salesforce.com platform, we can stay on top of the latest, fast-changing technology innovations at the same pace as Fortune 500 companies do.”

Connie Chin, Jacob’s Pillow